1. Public Speaking / Press / Interviews / Awards

    1. CES

      1. Moderated a panel

      2. Judged a pitch competition

    2. Long Island Crowdfunding presentation

    3. Youth Talks

      1. Presentation to Albany college and community college students

    4. Dallas Startup Week

      1. Panel on Access to Capital (TechCo article, Forbes article)

      2. Podcast (42:00)

    5. Women in Tech: Crowdfunding

      1. Panel on paths around VC funding for women.

    6. Arrow Electronics 2017 Boston Innovation Week

      1. Speech

    7. 33 Under 33 - Awarded best in NY’s Marketing, Advertising, PR, and Sales  Community

    8. MistyWest Fundraising Series in Vancouver

      1. Crowdfunding Panel

    9. NYC SBA Business Pitch competition

      1. Mentor in breakout sessions

    10. Coursera

      1. Expert for Wharton Coursera course

    11. Digital Production Buzz Podcast

    12. Accenture Podcast

    13. The Capital Network

      1. Panel discussion around alternative forms of fundraising and community building

    14. South Korean Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

      1. Judge a panel of over 10 hardware companies picked by the South Korean government to visit the US to find investors.

    15. TNW Conference 12/2017

      1. Roundtable participant

  2. Conferences attended

    1. CES

    2. World's Fair Nano

    3. Boston Innovation Week

    4. Dallas Startup Week

    5. Collision Conference

    6. Bulgaria Innowave Conference 2017

  3. Accelerator / Incubator mentorships

    1. Futureworks (NYCEDC)  Mentor

    2. Circular Board (Now called Hello Alice) mentor

    3. Alphalab Gear mentor

    4. WEnyc mentor

past work



Researched and analyzed industry trends. 

Established short and long lead strategic goals. 

Identified strategic partnerships and collaborations. 

influencer relations + Social media

Sourced collaborative talent and industry influencer leads. 

Lead outreach to industry leaders and celebrity influencers.

Designed and negotiated mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

Consulted on effective social media strategies across social platforms. 

Communication Solutions

Wrote and polished compelling, versatile messaging to present to the media and public.

Tailored internal and external messaging to resonate with specific audiences and sectors. 

Reputation and thought leadership establishment.

Handled communication with media and public to ensure visibility.

Oversaw crisis management and strategic responses to the public.